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Latest news on high performance doors

  • The new DYNACO N-211 TekRoll is a high speed, high cycle roll-up door made of a rigid multi-composite material that is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.  Because of this, the N-211 is perfect

  • D6 High Speed Door

    Dynaco has announced the introduction of a new high-performance door that advances the push/pull technology they originated.

  • High Speed Rubber Door

    Combining new technology with a proven mechanical design, Dynaco launches the industry’s most advanced high-performance rubber door.  The Dynaco S-741 Rubber Door is designed to withstand high wind

  • Dyn5 Control Box

    To show how easy it is to program a Dynaco Door with the Dynalogix 5 touchscreen controller, we have created a series of videos showing the most common functions.

  • SafePass LED Traffic Signals

    The LED traffic signals for Dynaco doors are now easier to order & install

  • Touchscreen door controller

    New touchscreen interface for M2 door controller improves ease of use.

  • Egress Door

    Entrematic offers a manual egress option on their Dynaco high performance doors.

  • Touchscreen door controller

    The Dynalogix 5 shortens cycles to improve energy efficiency without impeding traffic. A touch-screen interface improves ease-of-use for facilities managers, installers and service technicians.

  • S-631 Low Headroom Door

    Parking garages and auto dealerships are two locations that require reliable service doors, but often do not have sufficient space to mount a truly secure solution.

  • SafePass LED Signaling System

    High Speed Doors allow for the rapid movement of people, products and machinery. To ensure safety, Entrematic introduces the SafePass signaling system.

  • High Speed Cleanroom Door

    The new Dynaco D-313 Cleanroom door is a high-performance door solution certified as suitable for ISO-6 level cleanroom applications.

  • High Performance D-4 Door for Industry and Logistics

    Entrematic is pleased to introduce the next generation of gravity-assisted high performance doors.

  • Jan2017 Tradeshows

    You won’t have to travel far to see the safest, high-performance doors for food production, processing and distribution.

  • New Maximum Size for Dynaco D-313 Streamline Door

    Responsive to the requests of our clients, Entrematic is pleased to announce that the maximum dimensions for the Dynaco D-313 Streamline door have been increased to 14 feet squared (14’ x 14’).

  • ARCAT is Our Catalog for Architects

    Architects find it easy to specify Dynaco doors in their new designs because we provide the information they need, in the format that they require.

  • Entrematic goes BIM with DYNACO high performance doors

    All Dynaco products are now available for architects on the BIM platform. BIM Objects are digital representations of our products in 2 or 3D, cloud based and accessible through

  • This state-of-the-art vessel is equipped with a Dynaco M2 All Weather high performance door

    The Skandi Africa, an Offshore Subsea Construction Vessel (OSCV), was recently awarded the prestigious “Ship of the Year” award by the Nordic shipping magazine Skipsrevyen. Entrematic is proud to announce that this state-of-the-art vessel is equipped with a Dynaco M2 All Weather high performance door.

  • DYNACO S-631 RIGID high performance door

    Our local dealer recently installed 2 Dynaco S-631 Rigid high performance doors in London. Residents and staff have all commented very positively.

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