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D501 Ultra Quiet High Speed Roll Up Door

Our Most Quiet High Performance Roll Up Door

The DYNACO D-501 high performance roll up doors are designed for less intrusive and more intensive interior use while also enhancing energy savings, environmental control, and reducing maintenance and repair costs.This ultra quiet high speed roll up door is a perfect investment for businesses that require quick & efficient access to their facilities, providing speed, security, energy efficiency, and ease of use.

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Gear Driven Technology

An advanced high speed roll up door for interior openings

Reliable high cycle operation

Advanced push-pull drive technology, and unique 1-piece belt design, offers superior performance in moderate pressure environments. This fast and reliable door helps to optimize your production process and traffic flow.

Flexible curtain with soft bottom

The DYNACO D-501 ultra quiet high speed roll up door action is combined with our soft curtain design to increase safety for users and goods.

When accidentally dislodged, the D-501 high performance door curtain will reinsert itself into its side guides, simply by opening and closing the roll-up door.

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Technical Data

Maximum height:H 18’
Maximum width:W 18’
Opening speed:up to 96 in/s
Closing speed:48 in/s
Usage:Inside doors

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique "Push-Pull" Drive System: This direct drive system provides ultra-quiet high-speed travel in open and close mode for a total cycle time unmatched by conventional gravity doors.
  • Ultra Safe: flexible curtain design (without rigid elements) and a soft edge design provides employees and equipment with superior protection against accidents and maintenance associated with hard-edge doors (Safest door in the industry).
  • Wind load tested to Class 1 (EN Standards) for max dimensions; Withstands pressures up to 49.5 MPH (1.2 in. of water) (300 Pa).  Curtain incorporates patented wind retention design.
  • Tight Seal: Continuous Belt drive encapsulated by the side guide, a mobile top seal & soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal (No blade, weather strip, or brush system to wear or replace).
  • Side Guides: Formed of galvanized steel with pivoting, spring loaded UHMW inner side guides which allow for movement and deflection under pressure.  
  • Drive Unit: 2 HP Variable Speed, direct drive IP65 motor with electronic braking and absolute encoder (Set \Limits from NEMA 4 Control Box).

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