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M2 Power Wind Resistant High Performance Door

The Dynaco M2 Power wind resistant high speed door is ideal for moderate size entryways ranging from min/max 6' to 18' in both height and width. With push/pull technology to drive fast opening and closing, our high performance doors are designed to provide fast and efficient operation, as well as durability and reliability in harsh working environments making them ideal for industrial or commercial use. The fast operating speeds of our roll up doors improve safety and minimize the risk of collisions with forklifts, personnel, or other equipment in the logistics and distribution industry.

The Dynaco M2 Power high speed exterior door is made with reinforced PVC vinyl and available in your choice of color and vision. Contact our team today for a quick quote and turnaround!

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Gear Driven Technology

A high performance door that increases productivity and safety

Reliable Operation

The Dynaco Power M2 rapid warehouse roll up door offers superior performance in moderate to high pressure environments. Our unique push-pull drive technology operates without a ballast, pushing down the high performance door even under high positive or negative pressure.

Optimize traffic and logistics

This fast and reliable warehouse roll up door helps to optimize your production process and traffic flow, while saving energy with a tight seal around the full perimeter of the door. The Dyanaco Power M2 keeps your people and equipment safe with a curtain free of rigid elements. Also, its maintenance-friendly curtain design avoids downtime by reinserting itself into the side guides should it become dislodged

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Technical Data

Maximum height:H 18'
Maximum width:W 18'
Opening speed:Up to 96 inches per second
Closing speed:48 in per second

For more info on the DYNACO M2 Power:

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique "Push-Pull" Drive System:
    The direct drive system provides high-speed travel in open and close mode.
  • Exclusive soft edge
    provides employees and equipment with superior protection against accidents and maintenance associated with hard edge doors 
  • Wind load:
    tested to Class 3 (EN Standards) for max dimensions; Withstands pressures up to 75.6 MPH (2.8 in. of water) (700 Pa). 
  • Tight Seal:
    Continuous end locks encapsulated by the side guide, mobile top seal & soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal 
  • Side Guides:
    Formed of galvanized steel with pivoting, spring loaded UHMW inner side guides which allow for movement and deflection under pressure. 
  • Drive Unit:
    1 HP or 2 HP Variable Speed, direct drive IP65 motor with electronic braking and absolute encoder (Set \Limits from NEMA 4 Control Box).

Product Video

The DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door has a rapid open/close cycle that enables easy movement of products, equipment and people.

Our patented push-pull technology with limited wearing parts requires little maintenance. Downtime is minimized thanks to the self-reinserting flexible door curtain.

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