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M2 All Weather High Performance Door

Wind Resistant & Flexible High Speed Doors 

Our all-weather high performance door is a wind resistant & flexible exterior roll up door that has been designed for frequent use in outdoor applications with heavy winds or rain. Built to withstand extreme temperatures, wind loads, and even impact from heavy equipment or vehicles, this flexible exterior roll-up door will maximize efficiency within your day-to-day operations.

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Gear Driven Technology

Roll-up door for frequently used exterior openings with high wind loads

Wind resistance in heavy traffic

Dynaco's All-Weather M2 maintains a superior and tight seal in wind loads of up to 110 MPH. Its unique push-pull drive technology and rapid open/close door cycle ensure uninterrupted production, transport, or logistic activities even under extreme weather conditions.

The push-pull technology uses the motor to push down the flexible curtain, and requires no ballast to close the weather resistant high speed door. It remains fully operational even with strong headwinds bearing down on exposed buildings, warehouses or hangars.

Safety First

Your staff and equipment are safe with the Dynaco All Weather M2 flexible curtain that is free of rigid elements. In the event of a collision, the door curtain will release from the side guides to minimize damage. The door curtain will then automatically re-insert itself into the side guides during the next cycle, helping to avoid downtime.

Technical Data

Maximum height:18'
Maximum width:18'
Opening speed:up to 96 in/s
Closing speed:48 in/s
Usage:Outside doors

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique "Push – Pull" Drive System: This direct drive system provides high speed travel in open and close mode for a total cycle time unmatched by conventional gravity doors.
  • Operating speeds of 60" per second up, and 48” per second down.  Optional 96” per second open speed.
  • Ultra Safe Soft Edge Design: Exclusive soft edge provides employees and equipment with superior protection against accidents and maintenance associated with hard edge doors (Safest door in the industry).
  • Wind load tested to Class 4 (EN Standards) for doors up to 13’ x 18’ (operate under pressure up to 88.78 lbs/ft (185 mph)); Withstands pressures up to 90 MPH (4 in. of water) (1,000 Pa)
  • Tight Seal: Continuous end locks encapsulated by the side guide, mobile top seal & soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal (No blade or brush system to wear or replace).
  • Drive Unit: 1 HP or 2 HP Variable Speed, direct drive IP65 motor with electronic braking and absolute encoder (Set \Limits from NEMA 4 Control Box). 

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