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Interior Doors DYNACO D-311 Slimline Stainless
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Stainless Steel Roll Up Doors

The D-311 Slimline Stainless Hygienic roll up door is engineered to provide efficient area separation where mounting space is minimal and sanitation is critical. 

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Low Friction Technology

High speed door with stainless steel covers for sanitation

Easy to clean and sanitize

The D-311 stainless steel roll up door is designed for food processing facilities. USDA/FDA compliant curtain is smooth and free of mechanical components which can trap contamination. #304 stainless steel construction and wash-down drive system makes cleaning and maintaining a sanitary environment simple.

Safe to operate

Your safety is assured with the D-311 hygienic roll up door. Infrared photo-eyes reverse the door automatically if an obstruction is detected. Its soft bottom door curtain, which also contains a wireless reversing edge, is free of heavy, rigid components thus protecting personnel and equipment from common hard edge accidents. An optional Code Compliant Egress feature provides additional safety for your employees in an emergency.

Technical Data

Maximum Height:H 12'
Maximum Width:L 12'
Opening Speed:48 in/s
Closing Speed:24 in/s

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Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel throughout:  A stainless steel drum, shaft, bearings, and stainless steel side guides (with UHMW inner side guides). Optional stainless steel hood and motor cover available.
  • Water permeability tested Class 2 (EN Standards), 50 Pa or 1.04 psf.
  • Low profile (Smallest footprint in the industry 2-1/8" x 1-1/2" x 1/8")
  • Exclusive soft edge provides employees and equipment with superior protection against accidents and maintenance associated with hard edge doors
  • Additional Safety: One set of infrared photocells are located in the side frame. A wireless reversing edge is sealed in the soft bottom edge of the curtain.  Optional Code Compliant Egress feature.
  • Self Re-insertion: In the event of an impact, the patented curtain design disengages from the side frame without damage. No manual intervention required thus reducing maintenance and increasing uptime.

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