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High Performance & High Speed Freezer Door

Insulated Rapid Roll Up Doors

The Dynaco M2 high speed freezer door reduces energy loss without slowing traffic. Maintain low product temperature and minimize downtime with our high speed freezer doors. These insulated high speed doors allow for increased efficiency and lower energy costs. These insulated rapid roll up freezer doors are an essential component for any business that relies on freezing systems to keep products or goods at the right temperature. Whether you operate a restaurant, grocery store, warehouse, or pharmaceutical facility, an insulated rapid roll up door can help you maintain optimal temperature control, ensure product sanitation, and reduce energy costs.

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Gear Driven Technology

A High Speed Freezer Door for High Traffic Areas

Maintain low product temperatures and energy costs

The M2 insulated rapid roll up door limits cold air loss and saves energy. Quickly move product in and out of your freezer room with this high speed freezer door. The fastest up/down speeds plus the superior seal minimizes temperature loss and temperature variation to save energy and costs.

Minimize down time and maintenance

Limit condensation and ice build-up with this high speed freezer door with heated side guides, and if needed, an optional insulated curtain and defrost system that produces an additional barrier to keep warm temperatures out and cold temperatures in. Reduce maintenance downtime with the self-reinserting door curtain that ensures reliability and durability.

Technical Data

Maximum height:18' (consult factory for over 15')
Maximum width:15'
Opening speed:up to 96 in/s
Closing speed:up to 70 in/s

For more info on the DYNACO M2 Freezer:

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Features & Benefits

  • Unique "Push-Pull" Drive System: provides high-speed travel in open and close mode for a total cycle time unmatched by conventional gravity doors.
  • Operating speeds of up to 96"per sec open and 70” per sec close, offers the industry’s fastest cycle time.
  • Curtain incorporates patented edge retention design. - Tight Seal: Continuous end locks encapsulated by the side guide, mobile top seal & soft bottom edge provide a virtually perfect seal. No blade or brush system to wear or replace 
  • Ultra Safe Soft Edge Design: Exclusive soft edge with NO bottom beam, provides employees and equipment superior protection associated with hard-edge doors. 
  • Side Guides: Galvanized steel with pivoting, spring-loaded UHMW inner side guides which allow for movement and deflection under pressure.  A polyethylene layer creates a thermal barrier between the door frame and building structure. Resistance heating in the side guides prevents frost and ice build-up.
  • Curtain Material: Reinforced PVC suitable for applications to -22F.  Optional Insulated panel, Speed 85" open and 70" down (size dependent)

The M2 High Speed Freezer Door

For more information on the DYNACO M2 insulated rapid roll up door contact our experts today.

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