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Next-Generation High Speed Door Launched

Blue Next-Generation High Speed Door

Dynaco has announced the introduction of a new high-performance door that advances the push/pull technology they originated. The new Dynaco D-6 Door opens and closes quickly, quietly and reliably at an ultra-high speed, traveling up to 140 inches per second. These features allow people and products to move through facilities efficiently, without delay. 

An upgrade to the already advanced drive system stands for even more precise operation. Components throughout the door have been upgraded for improved alignment of all segments, which results in less wear and tear. Also, the Dynaco D-6 door is designed with the absolute minimal number of working parts, which virtually eliminates maintenance prone components. In addition, the door has been enhanced with movable service panels. This innovation enables simplified maintenance that can be handled by one person.

Furthermore, the Dynaco D-6 Door comes with a user-friendly Dynalogix 5 controller. End-users and service technicians use the Dyn5’s touchscreen interface to get instant information and diagnostics for immediate intervention. No service calls, no downtime searching for error codes, just cycle after cycle of consistent, productive operations.

The Dynaco D-6 Door is available in Power and All-Weather versions. The All-Weather version adds side-guide reinforcements to withstand static wind loads up to 125 mph or pressure up to 40 lbs./square foot. Both versions are available in sizes up to 18 feet wide by 18 feet high. Contact Dynaco for more information on options and availability.

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