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About Us News New High-Speed Door Controller Optimizes Door Function and Simplifies Service
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New High-Speed Door Controller Optimizes Door Function and Simplifies Service

Dynaco high speed door controller

The Dynalogix 5 shortens cycles to improve energy efficiency without impeding traffic. A touch-screen interface improves ease-of-use for facilities managers, installers and service technicians.

4Front Engineered Solutions (formerly Entrematic) has released an industry-changing door controller that provides a new way of interacting with their high-performance doors. But the most significant advance in this new controller is the way it optimizes door cycle times to reduce energy consumption.

At the start of a door opening cycle, the Dynalogix 5 accelerates the drive to maximum speed quicker than any other door controller. For example, on the Dynaco D-313, it goes from 0 to 120 inches per second almost 30% faster than other controllers. Conversely, it needs less time to come to a stop at the end of an open or close cycle. By reducing these ramp times, the door spends more time at its maximum speed which shortens the cycle time.

The Dynalogix 5 also works with various sensors to minimize the door open time. This is important when trying to prevent the loss of heated or cooled air (or prevent airborne contamination). When the Auto-Close time is set to a minimum, the door will stay open just until the included photo-eye sensors indicate that the threshold is cleared. The Dynalogix 5 can also set the door open height based on the input. For example, a vehicle may trigger a sensor to open the door to full height while a person may press the touchscreen to open the door to a height of just 7 feet.

For users, the full color screen can function as an input, provide clear traffic signals and show a countdown warning when the door is closing. For installers and technicians, the touchscreen interface significantly improves the process of setting up the door and servicing it. The installer can set limits, input actions, close functions and availability schedules all from intuitive menus. Service technicians can view logs and error codes without ever having to open the control box. Most importantly, they can schedule periodic maintenance reminders based on time, date or cycles.

See Dynalogix 5 for more info.