High performance door for medium sized outside applications with intensive use and subject to high wind loads

Wind resistant DYNACO All Weather M2 high performance door
Sides are reinforced for further resistance to high winds
Advanced door seal keeps dirt, dust, wind, rain and snow outside
Push-pull drive technology functions without a ballast
Extreme weather is no match for this rugged roll up door
High performance door that remains fully operational even under extreme wind

Wind resistant high performance door

The DYNACO All Weather M2 high performance door maintains a superior and tight seal in wind loads of up to 110 MPH.

Our patented push-pull drive technology and rapid open/close door cycle ensure uninterrupted production, transport or logistic activities even under extreme conditions.

Keep your facility safe and functioning

Our unique design uses a motor to push down the flexible curtain and requires no ballast to close the high performance door. It remains fully operational even with strong headwinds bearing down on exposed buildings, warehouses or hangars.

Your staff and equipment are safe with the DYNACO All Weather M2 flexible curtain that is free of rigid elements. Avoid production downtimes with a door curtain that reinserts itself into the side guides if inadvertently dislodged.