Weather and wind resistant high performance doors

Resistant to extreme wind loads

Wind resistant high speed roll up doorsHigh performance doors tested for extreme conditions

Exposure to the strong winds that may pound an industrial building or aviation hangar are no match for DYNACO wind-resistant high performance doors. Our doors can withstand wind loads up to 110 MPH, depending on the type and dimensions of the exterior door.

Reinforced side guides made of high-grade folded steel, a strong flexible PVC door curtain, and a superior seal covering the full perimeter of the high performance door all work in tandem to resist extreme wind pressure.

Patented push-pull technology

DYNACO's advanced push-pull technology drives high performance doors for outside use. No ballast is required to close our doors.

Your workflow will continue operating uninterrupted even under the strongest headwind, ensuring high productivity and a smooth flow of materials, goods and personnel.

Ideal for large equipment

You can transport large-scale finished products, truckloads of raw materials and other bulky goods through the DYNACO high performance outside doors available in large dimensions. Even large DYNACO doors can be used confidently in strong winds and poor weather conditions.