High performance doors that provide reliable environmental control while increasing productivity and safety

DYNACO Power M2 wind-resistant high performance door
This exterior door is rugged and high-performing
Innovative push-pull drive technology works in extreme wind
Side reinforcements provide additional wind resistance
Full perimeter of the door is tightly sealed
Keep people and equipment safe with a flexible curtain with no rigid elements
DYNACO POWER M2 exterior high performance door
DYNACO POWER M2 high performance door with printed door curtain
DYNACO POWER M2 high performance door for outside use
Reliable and safe exterior high performance door
DYNACO POWER M2 high performance door used in agriculture

Wind-resistant high performance door

The DYNACO Power M2 high performance door requires little maintenance, is easy to use and is durable. It is ideal for industrial facilities, warehouses, hangars, production or transport facilities.

The high performance door withstands and operates in moderate to high wind load or pressure. Its fast open/close door cycle keeps your operation running smoothly.

Gain significant energy savings

Keep strong winds, rain, snow, dirt, drafts and extreme temperatures outside with the superior and tight seal of this high performance door. The DYNACO Power M2 door conserves energy and reduces costs with better control over your indoor climate.

Keep your people, products and equipment safe with a curtain free of rigid elements. Avoid production downtime and reduce maintenance costs with a door curtain that reinserts itself into the side guides if inadvertently dislodged.