The safest high performance doors

The industry's safest

Safest high speed roll up doors in the industry

We take safe high performance doors seriously

We have designed DYNACO high performance roll up doors to be the safest in the industry. Our flexible roll up doors have a soft and lightweight door curtain that is free of rigid elements. When the curtain detects a person or object, it folds around the obstacle to avoid injuries or damage.

Our DYNACO RIGID doors made of aluminum slats are designed with a light curtain that prevents the door from closing when an object or person is detected.

For added safety, you can add optional devices such as radars and sensors that automate the opening and closing cycle of your DYNACO door, providing additional security against accidents or collisions with vehicles moving in or out of your facility.


We protect your people, goods and vehicles

DYNACO not only considers the safety of your staff, customers and visitors, we also consider the investments you have made in machinery, vehicles, equipment or products.

Our high performance doors have a superior seal and fast open/close cycle that prevents rain, snow, humidity, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt from entering protected spaces.

For added security, you might consider the DYNARIGID high performance door with its intruder-proof metal construction.



A DYNACO high performance door optimizes your operation

We use state-of-the-art technology and materials along with our extensive experience to make DYNACO the high performance door of your choice.

You can be confident that our high performance doors are designed with highest standards of speed, safety, energy and cost efficiency, ensuring the doors you purchase will perform well for a long time.

We design our products to be rugged and withstand repeated use. Our patented technologies help our high performance doors to operate with little maintenance.

Our innovative entrance solutions offer you a wide range of high performance doors for internal or external use.

Protect your personnel, equipment and goods, and optimize your operation with a DYNACO high performance roll up door.