High performance doors with a superior seal

Maximum tightness

Superior seal around the full perimeter of the high speed doorRestrict air exchange

The superior seal and the rapid door cycle of DYNACO high performance doors help to restrict air exchange from one zone to another within your facility.

Expensive, conditioned air is retained inside specific rooms or your buildings. Extreme outside temperatures are kept out.

Controlling temperatures and humidity help you conserve energy and costs, and protect your products from spoilage. Climate changes can be restricted to specific spaces in order to better control vital production or storage requirements.

Avoid contamination

When hygiene or food safety is a consideration, the tight seal and rapid open/close cycle of DYNACO high performance doors are essential for meeting compliance. Dust, dirt or vermin contamination can be minimized in cleanrooms or food processing areas. DYNACO's high performance door cycle limits open times, and a closed door that is tightly sealed prevents contamination.

Conserve energy

Minimize air exhange and make climate control more efficient. The fast door cycle of the DYNACO high performance door limits the amount of air that transfers from one area to another.

Stabilize temperatures for improved employee comfort and reduced energy costs.