Fast access to industrial spaces with a safe and reliable high performance door

High speed roll up door for logistics and automotive
Roll up door designed for intensive use and fast traffic
High speed door with advanced push-pull drive technology for a long lifetime
Superior and tight seal around the full perimeter of the high speed roll up door
High speed door with a flexible PVC door curtain, easy to clean

Safe and reliable high cycle operation

The DYNACO D-501 high performance roll up door is designed for intensive interior use while enhancing energy savings, environment control and reducing maintenance.

Advanced push-pull drive technology and unique 1-piece belt design offers superior performance in moderate pressure environments. This fast and reliable door helps to optimize your production process and traffic flow.

Flexible curtain without rigid elements

The DYNACO D-501 ultra quiet high-speed operation is combined with our soft curtain design to increase safety for users and goods.

When accidentally dislodged, the door curtain will reinsert itself into its side guides, simply by opening and closing the roll up door.