A high performance roll up door for up to 100 cycles per day in an interior or loading dock application

Reliable high performance roll up door
People and equipment are safe with a flexible door curtain with no rigid elements
DYNACO M2 Basic interior high performance door
Fast open/close cycle from the patented push-pull technology
DYNACO M2 Basic high performance roll up door

Encourage smooth traffic flows

The DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door has a rapid open/close cycle that enables easy movement of products, equipment and people.

Our patented push-pull technology with limited wearing parts requires little maintenance. Downtime is minimized thanks to the self-reinserting flexible door curtain.

Conserve energy and improve working conditions

By maintaining constant climate control, the DYNACO M2 BASIC high performance door reduces loss of heat and air conditioning to save energy costs. The high performance door keep drafts, humidity, dust and dirt out of your facility.

The fast action door is free of rigid elements in the curtain to keep your staff and equipment safe from injuries or damages,  even when inadvertently being hit by a person or vehicle.