High performance door designed to withstand air pressure differences

D-411 high speed door with vision banner
D-421 high performance gravity door
D-4 Series doors with improved wind resistance

Gravity door with enhanced wind resistance

Dynaco D-4 Series doors are a new and enhanced design providing better environmental control, efficiency and lower life cycle cost than competitive products. Appropriate for interior or exterior applications, the door will resist static wind pressure to 9.4 lbs./ft2. The doors incorporate unique Dynaco innovations including: “soft curtain” technology, fully automatic re-insertion and low friction encapsulated edge retention.

Next generation safety, speed and simplicity

Dynaco D-4 Series doors provide a superior gravity-assisted solution in terms of safety, speed and simplicity because they do not require solid components in the door curtain. The fabric door travels fast and will safely respond to obstructions. If a lateral impact separates the door from the side-guides, then the patented re-introduction blocks will reset the door without manual intervention.