New door improves wind resistance without compromising safety

22 February 2017
High Performance D-4 Door for Industry and Logistics

Entrematic is pleased to introduce the next generation of gravity-assisted high performance doors. The Dynaco D4 door retains the slim design and quiet operation of other gravity doors, but also offers increased resistance to high winds or air pressure differential. This is achieved without wind ribs or bottom bar components that can pose a safety hazard. Instead, the speed and safety of Dynaco D4 doors is the result of an inventive edge retention system.

Architects and facility managers specify gravity doors because of their minimal space requirements and quiet operation. Because they rely on gravity to help close the door, high wind loads or a high air pressure differential can impede closure. Entrematic’s Dynaco D4 doors solve this problem with an improved edge retention system that can withstand winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour. This system includes a more robust fabric door edge and spring loaded side guides (depending on the model chosen).

Dynaco D4 doors are unique in the industry because they achieve high wind resistance without the addition of a heavy bottom bar or rigid wind ribs in the door curtain. Although common in other high speed doors, these solid elements pose a danger in the event of an impact. Further, they require manual intervention to reset a door after impact. Finally, their weight slows the door resulting in longer cycles and greater loss of conditioned air.

Next generation safety, speed and simplicity

Dynaco D4 doors provide a superior gravity-assisted solution in terms of safety, speed and simplicity because they do not require solid components in the door curtain. The fabric door travels fast and will safely respond to obstructions. If a lateral impact separates the door from the side-guides, then the patented re-introduction blocks will reset the door without manual intervention.

Entrematic’s next generation gravity-assisted door is available in two models. The Dynaco D-411 has a one-horsepower motor that achieves a Class 1 [EN] static wind load, making it ideal for high-cycle interior applications. The Dynaco D-421 has a two-horsepower motor and spring loaded side guides that flex to deflect wind load. With these features, the Dynaco D-421 achieves a Class 2 [EN] static wind load, making it suitable for sheltered docks and other industrial applications with a high air pressure differential between rooms.

Both doors are available through Entrematic’s extensive network of dealers in North America. To locate a dealer or request more details, contact us.