New D-313 Cleanroom Door Reduces Particles, Minimizes Air Exchange

18 April 2017
High Speed Cleanroom Door

The new Dynaco D-313 Cleanroom door is a high-performance door solution certified as suitable for ISO-6 level cleanroom applications. It improves upon the standard D-313 by providing an enhanced seal and using materials that generate fewer microscopic particles. Similar to the standard D-313, this high-speed door will reduce the air exchange within clean environments.

Patented Low-Friction technology reduces particulate generation to the ISO-6 level. According to ISO specification 14644-1, level 6 classifies a cleanroom environment with maximum particle counts ranging from 1,000,000 particles of 0.1 micron to 293 particles of 5 microns per cubic meter of air. Generally, this would include cGMP life science facilities as well as semiconductor, aerospace, advanced research, and many other clean environments.

Besides reducing particulate generation, the D-313 Cleanroom door also works to maintain pressure, temperature and humidity. Its speed and seal work together to reduce airflow, infiltration and contamination. The key to the seal is the inner side guides which are made of extruded, low-friction UHMW that is molded to tightly retain the curtain. A variable frequency drive ensures smooth operation even at speeds up to 120 inches per second.

Compared to swinging or sliding doors, a fabric roll-up door provides two other important advantages in a cleanroom application. Because the door rolls open vertically rather than swinging open, air turbulence is reduced. Fast roll doors also require less wall and floor space compared to sliding doors.

The sleek, attractive design of the Dynaco D-313 Cleanroom door eliminates substantial wall clearance and projection requirements while also simplifying cleaning procedures. Composite covers attach to the frame and head assembly eliminating exposed fasteners. These smooth composite covers provide an easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance. They also cover the sealed motor which is contained in the steel header tube under the composite cover.

Visit the D-313 Cleanroom Door product page to get the datasheet. Or contact us if you have any questions.