New and Improved Rubber Door

25 March 2019
High Speed Rubber Door

Combining new technology with a proven mechanical design, Dynaco launches the industry’s most advanced high-performance rubber door.  The Dynaco S-741 Rubber Door is designed to withstand high winds and harsh environments while delivering safety and security.

The Dynaco S-741 Rubber Door stands above the competition with superior resistance to wind or pressure differential up to 110mph (30psf).  Improved side guides retain the door panel securely. Enhanced tolerances provide a smooth operation and superior seal under positive and negative pressure. 

Optional guide gussets are available to reinforce the side-guide grip on the door panel, improving static wind load.  For applications where high winds are an everyday issue, a traveling wind bar is offered. Installing the wind bar on either the inside or outside will improve operational wind load. These components ensure that the S-741 will continue to operate in harsh environments.

As with all Dynaco doors, safety is built into the S-741 Rubber Door. Photocells come standard while a light-curtain is optional and recommended for doors with truck traffic. A wireless sensor in the rubber bottom edge of the door detects obstructions and will automatically reverse a closing door if an obstruction is detected.

For specifications, see the S-741 rubber door page.  Or Contact Us with your questions.