Manual Egress Option for High Performance Doors

23 March 2018
Egress Door

Entrematic offers a manual egress option on their Dynaco high performance doors. Designed to be compliant with the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) requirements for egress, this solution meets the fundamental principles of many other competing and complimentary codes. Most building codes require a powered door provide a manual means of egress in the event of an electric outage. The egress option on Dynaco doors uses a patented zipper technology solution to provide an exit that is so simple and easy that even a child could activate it. With less than 30 pounds of force, the two leaves of the door can be swung wide open. After the emergency has subsided and power is restored, the door curtain can be quickly zipped up again to function as normal. 

The Egress option is available on Dynaco M2-Power, D-501, D-311 Slimline and D-313 Streamline doors. For a listing of the IBC code requirements and a detailed description of how this door complies, please see the brochure on the Egress page. Or Contact Us for an evaluation of your application.