Dynalogix 5 now available on Dynaco M2 door models

24 April 2018
Touchscreen door controller

New touchscreen interface for M2 door controller improves ease of use.

Previously only available on the D-313 model, the new Dynalogix 5 touchscreen controller is now an option on Entrematic’s most popular Dynaco M2 models. This inventive controller provides a new way of interacting with Dynaco M2 high-performance doors.

For users, the full color screen can function as an input, provide clear traffic signals and show a countdown warning when the door is closing. For installers and technicians, the touchscreen interface significantly improves the process of setting up the door and servicing it. The installer can set limits, input actions, close functions and availability schedules all from intuitive menus. Service technicians can view logs and error codes without ever having to open the control box. Most importantly, they can schedule periodic maintenance reminders based on time, date or cycles.

For pricing and availability, contact us. To see the Dynalogix 5 in action, see the Dyn5 Video.