News about DYNACO high performance doors

Dyn5 Control Box

Dynalogix 5 Training Videos

To show how easy it is to program a Dynaco Door with the Dynalogix 5 touchscreen controller, we have created a series of videos showing the most common functions. In just 1 to 2 minutes for each video, you'll learn how to power-up a door for the first time, set limits and timers, etc.

SafePass LED Traffic Signals

New SafePass Configurations

The LED traffic signals for Dynaco doors are now easier to order & install

Touchscreen door controller

Dynalogix 5 now available on Dynaco M2 door models

New touchscreen interface for M2 door controller improves ease of use.

Previously only available on the D-313 model, the new Dynalogix 5 touchscreen controller is now an option on Entrematic’s most popular Dynaco M2 models. This inventive controller provides a new way of interacting with Dynaco M2 high-performance doors.

Egress Door

Manual Egress Option for High Performance Doors

Entrematic offers a manual egress option on their Dynaco high performance doors. Designed to be compliant with the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) requirements for egress, this solution meets the fundamental principles of many other competing and complimentary codes. Most building codes require a powered door provide a manual means of egress in the event of an electric outage.

Touchscreen door controller

New High-Speed Door Controller Optimizes Door Function and Simplifies Service

The Dynalogix 5 shortens cycles to improve energy efficiency without impeding traffic. A touch-screen interface improves ease-of-use for facilities managers, installers and service technicians.

S-631 Low Headroom Door

Compact Security Door fits into Tight Spaces

Parking garages and auto dealerships are two locations that require reliable service doors, but often do not have sufficient space to mount a truly secure solution. The latest Dynaco door from Entrematic solves this problem by providing a highly reliable aluminum door that requires minimal space above and beside the door opening.

SafePass LED Signaling System

New SafePass Warning System

High Speed Doors allow for the rapid movement of people, products and machinery. To ensure safety, Entrematic introduces the SafePass signaling system.

High Speed Cleanroom Door

New D-313 Cleanroom Door Reduces Particles, Minimizes Air Exchange

The new Dynaco D-313 Cleanroom door is a high-performance door solution certified as suitable for ISO-6 level cleanroom applications. It improves upon the standard D-313 by providing an enhanced seal and using materials that generate fewer microscopic particles. Similar to the standard D-313, this high-speed door will reduce the air exchange within clean environments.

High Performance D-4 Door for Industry and Logistics

New door improves wind resistance without compromising safety

Entrematic is pleased to introduce the next generation of gravity-assisted high performance doors. The Dynaco D4 door retains the slim design and quiet operation of other gravity doors, but also offers increased resistance to high winds or air pressure differential.

Jan2017 Tradeshows

Dynaco Entrematic Doors on Display at Two Tradeshows in January

You won’t have to travel far to see the safest, high-performance doors for food production, processing and distribution. Whether you’re on the west coast or east coast, we’ll be at a trade show near you.