A high performance door for large applications where safety, wind loads and environmental control are a main concern

DYNACO Power M3 large exterior high speed roll up door
Keeps bad weather out and protects interior spaces
Flexible door curtain without rigid components is safe for personnel and equipment
Innovative push-pull drive technology works under extreme conditions
Fully-sealed door perimeter keeps natural elements outside
Side reinforcements provide additional protection against wind
DYNACO POWER M3 high performance door at a hospital emergency service
Fast exit and entrance for ambulances with DYNACO high performance doors
Large exterior DYNACO roll up door
DYNACO exterior high speed door
DYNACO Power M3 high performance door with metal protection
Exterior high performance doors with yellow door curtain

Large industrial door keeps bad weather out

With dimensions up to 39' wide and 18' high, the DYNACO Power M3 is the large version of our high performance doors for interior or exterior use. It has a pressure-resistance up to 60 MPH.

Receive significant energy savings from our superior design with its tight seal and fast open/close cycle. Keep out wind, rain, snow and dust, and protect your investment in infrastructure and materials.

Designed for your most active days

This high performance door can handle intensive use, allowing rapid traffic patterns in and out of your industrial building, warehouse or hangar. The DYNACO Power M3 high performance door optimizes material handling and transport activities to keep your operation productive.

Keep your staff and equipment safe with a flexible curtain free of rigid elements. Save on maintenance costs with a door curtain that, when accidentally dislodged, reinserts itself into the side guides after an open/close cycle.