Protect your facility with a highly reliable security door

DYNARIGID high performance door has rugged high-grade aluminum slats
Rigid high performance roll up door protects investments
Designed with safety features to prevent incidents and injuries
High grade aluminum slats create a safe and solid roll up door
Damaged aluminum slats are easy to replace
Optional transparent vision panels improve visbility and safety
The rugged high performance roll up door keeps intruders out

Keep your investment safe

When interior or exterior security is a concern,  the DYNARIGID provides protection with its solid door leaf composed of high-grade aluminum slats.

You receive all of the benefits of a high performance door with the protection of a rigid roll-up door that is designed for fast open/close operation to ensure optimized logistics and a continual flow of traffic.

Protect against intruders and bad weather

The solid DYNARIGID high performance door has built-in safety features that protect against intruders while preventing incidents and injuries, with optional transparent vision panels for increased safety and visibility.

We've designed the DYNARIGID for easy maintenance. Damaged aluminum slats are simple to replace. With appropriate safety measures, the rigid high performance door can continue to operate with one or more missing slats.