Improve warehouse safety with SafePass signaling

Avoid collisions by signalling presence of an obstruction
Intuitive red, yellow and green light bars guide traffic

Intuitive signals can help avoid collisions

In fast-paced work environments, it is not uncommon for material handling trucks and people to use the same doors. The SafePass system can alert people when a truck is approaching the door from the opposite side. It can also warn machinery operators when a person is passing in front of the door.
The SafePass system uses intuitive signaling to protect against unnecessary accidents. Red, yellow and green lights mounted next to your high-speed doors will clearly indicate when it is safe to proceed.

Easy to order and install

SafePass is an LED strip housed in an aluminum frame with diffusing lens and mounting brackets. The controller is mounted in Dynaco’s control box and programmed to work with the installed sensors.
SafePass LED Signaling System can be ordered as an accessory for most Dynaco doors. For available configurations, see the SafePass brochure.
Contact your DYNACO representative to learn how to add SafePass to new or existing DYNACO doors.