Optimize logistics with a DYNACO high performance door

Exterior roll up doors operate smoothly under extreme conditions
Wind-resistant high performance doors with high wind ratings
Large high performance roll up door for exterior applications
Large high performance roll up door for interior spaces
DYNACO RIGID aluminum high performance door is durable and secure
High performance roll up door built for logistics and warehouses
DYNACO high performance roll up doors optimize your logistics
Sensor-controlled high performance door opens and closes automatically
A DYNACO high performance door stands up to intensive traffic


Move people, products and equipment smoothly

DYNACO's rapid and reliable open/close technology makes it efficient to load and unload goods. Smoother material handling will optimize your workflow and improve efficiency.

Dependable and safe high performance doors run without interruptions or loss of productivity.

Designed for demanding environments

Interior and exterior high performance doors can handle heavy inbound and outbound traffic, with their fast open/close door cycle. Optional smart sensors and automatic commands improve savings and efficiency.

DYNACO high performance door models for external use are designed to be wind resistant, with high wind ratings and tight perimeter seals. Our high performance doors remain fully operational under all weather conditions while protecting your facility against wind, rain, dirt, snow and extreme temperatures.



Our Benefits

  • Streamline traffic flow
    Rapid open/close door speed
  • Conserve energy
    Automatic sensor-controlled opening and closing
  • Minimize downtime
    Self-reinserting door curtain
  • Reduce ownership costs
    Designed for minimal wear and maintenance
  • Keep people and equipment safe
    Flexible curtain without rigid elements minimizes injuries and damages
  • Operate under strong winds
    Rugged and durable even under heavy wind
  • Keep the weather out
    Tight seal keeps out wind, dust, dirt, rain and snow