Public Transport

High performance doors for aviation and transportation industries

DYNACO high performance doors for train and bus depots
Flexible high performance doors are wind resistant
Large sized high performance doors accommodate transportation vehicles
Optimize your traffic flows with DYNACO high performance doors
Extremely short open/close cycle times improve efficiency
DYNACO high performance doors for airport hangars

Stand up to extreme weather

When violent weather can hit at anytime, you need a high performance door from DYNACO to protect your building and expensive investments.

DYNACO high performance doors operate 24x7x365 in extreme conditions like strong winds and violent rain or snow storms. They prevent outside weather conditions from damaging your infrastructure and working spaces inside.

Keep people and equipment moving

Your facility will remain productive with the rapid open/close door cycle that keeps pace with your fast-moving traffic and on-time requirements of public transportation.

We've designed our door curtains without rigid elements to keep your staff and equipment safe.


Our Benefits

  • Optimal traffic movement
    Rapid open/close cycle
  • Energy-conserving technology
    Automatic opening and closing controlled by sensors
  • Low maintenance
    Self-reinserting flexible door curtain
  • Performs in high winds
    Performs 24hx7x365 in extreme conditions and violent wind
  • Keeps bad weather out
    Superior seal around full perimeter of the door
  • Meets safety requirements
    Flexible curtain with no rigid elements minimizes injuries and damages
  • Lower cost of ownership
    Designed to minimize wear and maintenance
  • Accommodates large vehicles
    Large and mid-sized dimensions available