Maintain low product temperatures with a high performance freezer door

DYNACO Freezer M2 high performance doors for cold storage
Optional insulating curtain reduces frost and condensation
Additional insulating curtain improves cooling efficiency
Fast door cycle improves productivity with push-pull drive
Heated side posts and superior seal are energy-efficient
High performance freezer doors keep the cold in and warmth out
High performance roll up doors for cold storage
Rapid open/close cycle minimizes cold air loss and conserves costs
Seal off your freezer room with a high performance roll up door
DYNACO FREEZER M2 high performance door for cold storage
DYNACO FREEZER M2 high performance door for cold storage

Limit cold air loss and save energy costs

Quickly move people and products in and out of your freezer room with the DYNACO Freezer M2 high performance door. The superior seal minimizes temperature loss and temperature variation to save energy and costs.

Limit condensation and ice build-up  with an optional insulation curtain mounted on the high performance freezer door that produces an additional barrier to keep warm temperatures out and cold temperatures in.

Reduce downtime and save costs

Avoid the downtime of de-icing with our heated side guides and optional insulated curtain and defrost system. Reduce maintenance downtime with the self-reinserting door curtain that ensures reliability and durability.

Standard soft curtain design prevents hard edge accidents. No rigid bottom bars to injure workers or damage equipment.