DYNACO M2 -22F Freezer Doors
Crash forgiving and automatically re-inserting fabric rapid roll-up doors

DYNACO all purpose, interior and exterior use, high speed roll-up doors
Designed for interior and exterior environments where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as 22F are required. The freezer doors come with an automatic cycle mode to maintain door operation in freezer applications. The control box should be mounted on the warm side, but optional cold side mounting is available.
  • Works in temperatures of up to -22 degrees
  • Maximum standard dimensions 15 x 15 opening
  • Operating speed: 96 per second opening, 48 per second closing
  • Curtain made of reinforced PVC vinyl
  • Heated side guides
  • Berner unit available to minimize condensation and moisture
  • Infrared photocell in side guides
  • Soft bottom edge
  • Pneumatic bottom edge detector
  • Designed for interior or exterior cold storage, freezers, or processing to freezers

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DYNACO is a unique patented concept offering:
The safest, fastest, best sealing rapid roll-up doors, with the lowest maintenance cost in the industry.

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